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The Baymeadows Community Council (BCC) is a group of homeowners from the communities within the the area surrounding that was formerly known as the "Baymeadows Golf Course." The BCC members are board members from each community in this neighborhood. The BCC was incorporated in 2004 to advocate for a better quality of life in the Baymeadows Golf Club neighborhood.​

Our neighborhood was developed in the late 60s and early 70s by the Fletcher Brothers Company. Initially, the 170-acre golf course was developed, and then parcels surrounding the course were sold to other developers who built multi-family communities and office buildings. Retail and service buildings were constructed on parcels along Baymeadows Road.

Although the Fletcher Brothers had originally envisioned a master-planned neighborhood, the real estate market faltered, forcing them to sell the parcels without a master association or other vehicle in place that has the authority to perform or control the maintenance of the infrastructure that resulted. The streets were developed piecemeal as needed and each condominium, homeowner association, apartment complex and business owner was left with the responsibility for maintaining its portion of the streets, with no standard to follow. The storm water management system, the ponds and lakes and drainage structures, were designed and constructed prior to any requirement for permitting, so there is no government agency with the authority to enforce its proper maintenance.

As a result, each link of Baymeadows Circles East and West was designed and constructed with no common standard for amenities, such as sidewalks, lighting, curbs or drainage. The storm water management system has suffered over 40 years of deferred maintenance and the ponds and lakes have had no concerted water quality management. The common problems of the neighborhood cannot be addressed without a common solution and this neighborhood has not had a vehicle for providing that solution.


In 2014, the BCC, under the guiding principles of the Baymeadows Community Vision Plan, successfully negotiated a plan with the developers that required the developers to rezone their property as a Planned Unit Development ("PUD"). 


The PUD is broken out into the parcels that will be developed into individual future developments.  As the developer submits plans to the the city and the city reviews those plans, the parties involved define what the developers will be required to do for our community. 

In 2017, the developers began submitting those plans and the BCC continues to be involved in this process.  We follow the developer’s plans through the city's process to try to monitor the remaining costs will be to our neighborhood, what we can do for our neighborhood, and how best we can serve our community. We continue to be involved with the developers to try to have a voice in signage and appearance of our neighborhood.

We do this with the goal of making elements of the vision plan a reality. Our goal is to make this a safer, more sustainable neighborhood.