The Baymeadows Community Council (BCC) is a group of homeowners from the communities within the the area surrounding that was formerly known as the "Baymeadows Golf Course." The BCC members are board members from each community in this neighborhood. The BCC was incorporated in 2004 to advocate for a better quality of life in the Baymeadows Golf Club neighborhood.​

traffic improvement plan from Baymeadows Circle East to Western Way has been funded. Construction should begin around 2024 according to the FDOT. Here is another aerial drawing of the area.


Improvements include: a third land westward to provide three continuous lanes from BCE to the interstate, a new light at Baymeadows Circle West, two turn lanes into BCE, a turn lane from BCE to BCW as a stacking lane entering the neighborhoods and Baymeadows Park, islands to restrict traffic flow north and south at Western Way, and improved light timing at BCW. A powerpoint with details can be found here.