The Baymeadows Community Council is comprised of several homeowner associations surrounding the old golf course and their representatives. The group has worked tirelessly since formation in 2004 to advocate for a better quality of life in the Baymeadows Golf Club neighborhood.

If you'd like to represent your community, please let us know. We are glad to have others join our efforts.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information here.


Executive Committee

President: Andrea Letizia, Village Green 2

Vice-President: Rick Butler, Linkside

Treasurer: Christie Dizzia, Los Lagos

Secretary: Maureen Elise Devlin, Village Green 3


Julie Becton, Los Prados

Jim Fisher, Putters Cove

Patrick Hale, Los Lagos

Cliff Johnson Jr, Putters Cove

Cliff Johnson III, Putters Cove

Andy Land, Village Green 1

Fran Riedl, Los Prados

Kathleen Stansell, Village Green 3

Virginia West, Village Green 2